Questionnaires for Maharana Mewar 4th Graders

13th March 2012

Questions developed by Maharana Mewar Vidya  Mandir's science teacher, Ms. Taranjeet Kaur Gambhir:                                    

1. What is the chemical formula for water?
   a)  H2O                                                                   b) H2O2

2. What percentage of Earth’s surface is covered with water?
  a)  71%                                                                    b) 82%

3. Which gas dissolved in water is used by aquatic animals to breathe?
 a) Oxygen                                                                 b) Carbon dioxide

4. What is the other name for groundwater?
 a) Aquifers                                                                b) Aquatica    

5. What is the pH of pure water?
a) 9                                                                            b) 7

6. What percentage of human body is made up of water?
a) 90% to 100%                                                      b) 55% to 78%

7. What is the loss of salts and water from the body called?
a) Dehydration                                                         b) Decompression

8. What is the term for electricity obtained from water?
a) Hydroelectricity                                                   b) Thermal electricity

9. What is the best way to save rainwater?
a) Making ponds                                                     b) Rainwater Harvesting

10. What is the term given to the condition when an area of land, usually low-lying, is covered with water?
a) Flood                                                             b) Drought

11. At what temperature does water freeze?
a) 0° C                                                          b) 100° C          

12. When is the World Water Day celebrated?
a) 22nd March                                                 b) 5th June          

13. What is the term given to the condition when an area experiences a deficiency in its water supply for an extended period of months or years?
a) Drought                                                    b) Tornado

14. At what temperature does water boil?
a) 100 ° C                                                     b) 50° C                                                  

15. Which one of these is a water borne disease?
a) Cholera                                                          b) AIDS

16. Which is the largest of Udaipur’s lakes?
a) Fateh Sagar Lake                                          b) Lake Pichola

17. Water fit for human consumption is called
a) Bottled water                                                 b) Potable water

18. Which one of these is a traditional water harvesting method?
a) Johads and Bawadis                                     b) Dams

19. What is the major cause of untimely death of marine animals?
a) Salt content in the oceans                              b) Oil Spill

20. What according to you is the major reason for pollution of lakes in Udaipur?
a) Tourism                                                      
b) Lake side hotels dumping garbage in water

21. Which water plant abundantly found in the lakes of Udaipur causes clogging and ultimately the death of lakes?
a) Water hyacinth ( Jal Kumbhi )                       b) Lotus

22. Which proposed project by the government of India would lead to permanent drought proofing of the country?
a) The National River Linking Project (NRLP)  
b) The National Highways Authority of India ( NHAI)

23. Why is Udaipur's system of lake development considered a role model of water management?
a)  Because of the lakes being interconnected
b) There being a large number of lakes in Udaipur  

24. What is the site for the proposed sewage treatment plant to be built in Udaipur in the nearby future?
a) Near Fateh Sagar lake                                               b) Near the village Manwa Kheda

25. What is the best method to store drinking water at homes?
a) Earthenware pots                                                       b) Plastic bottles

26. Why should drinking water be not stored in plastic bottles?
a) They are breakable                                                
 b) They release toxic chemicals into water
water a precious life giving resource

27. Mention some ways in which you, as children, can conserve water ?
a) _______________________________
b) _______________________________
c ) _______________________________
d ) _______________________________

13th March 2012

Fateh Sagar

Udaipur a city of man made lakes

This Questionnaire & the attached map of Udaipur are for 4th grade students to complete with their community elders, friends, siblings, house-hold and school employees and with street kids their own age. We hope that this process will be a fun and meaningful way to deepen their understanding and sensitivity for the life giving element, water, the surrounding “water bodies” and “water related public services” in Udaipur. 

The students will share their findings and insights with their peers at the Presumpscot School in Maine through letters and art work they create.

Water & its cultural significance in your life:
a) What are you beliefs & understanding (religious or scientific) regarding water & water bodies?
b) Do you know any water related story from your religion & culture?
c) Are you aware of any Mewari or Hindi sayings or proverbs on water and/or water bodies?

On your map

a) Point out where you live in the city, on the map.
b) Is there a lake, well, river or pond near your house?
c) How do you get water at your home? Which government department gives you this service?
d) Do you have water reservoirs, hand-pumps etc near your home?
e) Do you have any factories, farms or agricultural reservoirs near your home?

In your locality

a) Do you have public drains near your house? What is the purpose of those drains? What is their condition? Which government department is responsible for the sewage and garbage in your city?
b) Where does the water and solid waste from your kitchen and bathroom go?
c) Do you have a dumpster in your neighbor hood? What happens to the garbage in it?
d) Where do you dump your garbage?
e) Do you think the disposal of sewage and garbage have any influence on the quality of the water you drink and bathe in

Water & health 

a) How much water do you need to drink to maintain physical health? How many glasses of water do you drink per day? How many glasses of water does the employee in your house drink per day? How many 

glasses of water does a street child your age drink per day?
How long can a human being survive without water? Without food? Without TV & cell phone
c) List some water related diseases?
d) Have you ever had any of these diseases? What is the frequency?
e) Ask any five of your friends and five adults if they have ever had any of the diseases.
f) Ask the employees in your house if they have ever had any of the water related diseases you have listed.

Health of water bodies

a) Do you think that the lakes, rivers and wells in your city are in good health?
b) What are the indicators of lake & river health?
c) Are there any lakes in Udaipur that are experiencing eutrophication?

Water & math:

a) Do you drink tap water? Do you pay for the water service? Did your parents always pay for it?
b) Do you buy bottled water? What does it cost? 
c) Do you drink filtered water at home? What is the cost of the filtration system? How often do you change the filters? What do you do with them once you have used the filter?
e)What do the employees at your home & school do for their drinking water needs?
f) Do you know how much water you use in a day to bathe, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, wash your clothes etc? 
g) Ask your employees at home and at the school as to what they do for their water needs.
h) What do the street children do for their water needs?

Water birds and fish

a) Do you know the names of the birds and fish commonly found in Udaipur rivers and lakes?
b) Have the water birds and fish population increased in Udaipur or is the reverse true? 

Water & pleasure

a) What fascinates you about water the most?
b) Do you play any water sports? What are they? Where do you go for your water sports?
c) What do the employees at your home and school love about water? What water sports do they play?

Water ethics & responsibility

If you and your family and friends believe water is essential to all life & health then whose responsibility is it to ensure that water is kept safe for you, for your children and other creatures?

Water your society your locality

What suggestions do you have for improving & maintaining the quality of water and preserving it  into the future?